First, I binge-watched the first two seasons of the show, right as season three was starting. Unable to restrain myself, I then binge-read all the books. I enjoyed that, but now the show is a bit less interesting. Apart from when the show goes off-book, the last surprise I had was Ser Barristan revealing himself to… » 6/19/14 8:57am 6/19/14 8:57am

France, 2002. I was in Europe during the '98 WC, and I absorbed a fair amount of abuse for how terrible the US team was that year (three losses, only one goal). So, this one is personal - it was immensely satisfying to see France go home without a single goal scored, and also to flame out of the next two World Cups as… » 6/19/14 11:32am 6/19/14 11:32am